A dichotomy of sorts


Been working on a few things, and these two are pretty opposite in nature. A bamboo cutting board to donate to the senior center fund raiser casino night …

and a lumière du votive de religieux…original design compliments of @polarbrainfreeze…(thank you, again) with some tweaking by me. This is for my daughter’s birthday. Four different engravings on frosted PG acrylic and the outer container out of PG cherry ply. The color changing tea light that I used to see final results, is a bit large and casts a shadow on the bottom of the engravings, but over all, I am pleased.



Those light up so nice!

Should I be watching the news for the riot you cause at the Senior Center with that? :slight_smile:


Chuckle! That cutting board is cute, and the light turned out just lovely in the frosted acrylic! :grinning:


Love the cutting board and the light! How big is the cutting board?:grinning::glowforge:


Very nice projects! What a lovely idea to customize the acrylic on the lamp–it came out great. And I love the cutting board!


I love the glow on the acrylic! It has kind of that someone is watching TV with the lights off vibe.


Kind of you to donate to the senior center. I’m sure they were thrilled with it!

Your daughter will also love her gift! Frosted acrylic is really nice!


Those look great! Glad I could help.


Mindblowing. Seriously beautiful.


Thank you. Board is about 11"x15.5"