A different sort of practical

Those Ramen Noodles have such good heat-resistant plastic containers that make them great for reheating and storage from food scraps to laser scraps but there is one big issue… there are no fitting tops! (and they have little beauty)

Well no longer…


The lids are beautiful…also…my ramen comes in bags…so I was a little confused… :rofl: :rofl:

What material is that? Is it a mirror acrylic? Or a foil?


Now that’s a beautiful recycling job! :+1:


PG Teal Acrylic,

Really?? I have some of that I think…but I haven’t used it yet. I think I have a materials hoarding problem…

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They look like this…

There are many flavors spicy and not but have better flavor and dry veggies, and of course the re-useable black bottom.

I’d make the covers oversized and then take a block of wood the size of the ramen tray and use a heat gun to slump the acrylic over the edges. That would make a form fitting top with the design wrapping over the edges.


That engraves beautifully. I need to see if I have some!

it is a vector engrave with the masking left on so that makes it very clean.

When I find one of the two heat guns perhaps or when I breakdown and buy a third, but there is a 180 in two more parts that wraps around so the trays slide like drawers.