A few names you might recognize


In this writeup of Glowforge at Maker Faire;


that is a very good writeup.


Thank you for sharing that.


That’s great. Thanks for sharing


LOL, great headline.


Or the first line of a joke ?
Wonder what the punch line might be ?


despite what you might think, i hate to be negative on this - but that’s a press release written by glowforge, just so everyone’s aware. bw is a service to send out press releases like that.

lots of neat stuff in it, though, and still worth a read.


Nice write up!


Not negative; I thought it was obvious since no author was listed and the contact was listed as @bailey.


sure i just wanted to make it clear, not everyone will see writeup and think pr.


Valid point, but I don’t feel that detracts from the quality or sentiment (YMMV, and all that). I really like the way that it highlights the diversity of their customers.


i never said anything of the sort. i just think that marketing should be clearly labeled, that’s all.


I wasn’t trying to imply that you did, and I’m not trying to start a debate now. Simply stating that I enjoyed the perspective, even if it was a PR piece.