A Few Presents and a decoration I made

So I decided to make some gifts for people this christmas and I used my glowforge to make most of them.

For my mum I made this little humming bird pendant. I cut it out of walnut (took a few goes to get something that didn’t immediately disintegrate) then I put it on a sheet of acrylic and sealed round it with hot glue then filled in the holes with some epoxy resin mixed with various colours.

I used superglue as polish to get a lovely shine and I put it on a generic silver chain I bought. I also made a small box to put it in and had some fun doing some inlays into the wood (cherry and walnut) I made it with a laser cut hinge and little magnets to latch it then used some flocking material to fill the inside.


I originally had a border round the finger joints in the lid to make it look like a checkerboard but the wood I used was a little warped and didn’t fit quite right and got worn through when sanding. I also realize that the top inlay pattern is a bit umbrella corporation from the resident evil games :s

For my dad I made a cutting board with some wood inlay pieces cut on the glowforge an onion made with maple and purple heart and a tomato made with maple and padauk then the main board being walnut maple and purple heart. I used my other woodworking toy the shaper origin to cut the pockets for the inlays. I gave it a good treating with food safe mineral oil and butcher block conditioner it looked pretty good the top piece of walnut went quite dare and makes it hard to see the onion but the rest came out great.


Finally I made this little substitute christmas tree decoration using edge lit acrylic on a rgb led matrix so I had 4 layers all etched/scored/cut with different patterns. The result was pretty nice powered by a bluetooth microcontroller I can change the colours as I please.

Anyway I had a lot of fun making these things and hopefully my parents will enjoy them.

Happy Holidays everyone :slight_smile:


You have been busy with some really nice projects. I especially like the cutting board.

Very nice! I like the tree!

Such a fine range of projects. The box looks amazing!

Those are some lovely gifts you made, and an amazing tree!

Interesting to learn that Superglue can be used to polish resin—will have to give that a try.

So interesting to see the insane effort and detail Glowforgers put into their crafts.

I got the idea from watching wood turning and ring making videos as they often use superglue as a friction polish and achieved a very nice shiny finish and since their materials are often wood and resin I figured I could do the same thing manually. The resin I used didn’t polish up very well for some reason so I added a number of thin layers of superglue on top building up a sufficiently thick layer so I could then sand and polish to a nice shine. It also had the added benefit of hardening the piece quite a but as the thin wood and resin were a little fragile.

The only difficult part there was making sure not to glue the small piece to my fingers :smiley:

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Very original work … I’m sure your gifts were very appreciated!