A few random things

here’s some stuff i’ve made recently :slight_smile:

a clean / dirty magnet for the dishwasher

a key i cut out for a friend who kept trying to steal all my other projects because they smelled good (like a campfire - hence the logo). i traced my actual key to make this, but haven’t tried it out because my lock is pretty tight and i’d rather not have to call a locksmith and explain why there is a chunk of wood stuck in my lock.

and here’s a necklace holder i made. first pic is from the side - what you see when you walk in my door. the next is from the front with all my (heavy) necklaces in place. and the last is a close-up of the hooks that the necklaces hang from. i like how this one looks but it’s not super strong and my necklaces are constantly bowing the top hangers (the middle support was added after-the-fact because stuff was too heavy).


Nice projects! Love the clean/dirty magnet! Your friend is funny … and you obviously have a good sense of humor to make the key!


Ooooh! Very Illuminati! :sunglasses::+1:

That key is awesome. Love the look of it.

Not to scare you, but criminals can make real keys from pictures of keys… You may want to re-consider posting a picture of any real key?


@Houdini7 - thanks for the advice. i would have never thought of that! i updated the image with some quick photoshopping (ugly but hopefully will do the trick!)


Loving the dirty/clean! Not an Ambigram, better!

That’s totally an ambigram! Very cool!

Ohh ambigram I was well into those a few years ago. Is it your own design?

So, what was my wife saying to me yesterday ?
" I was having a good tidy up, and discovered how many 36" long bead necklaces I’ve got, which I never see. I need some way of hanging them up in the cupboard."
Sorted, and thanks !
John :upside_down_face:

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Some very cool projects here! I wonder if you could reinforce the wooden Support cross pieces with metal rods to keep them from sagging. My local hobby stores have selections of different sizes of rods and tubes. Or maybe go to the plumbing section of the hardware store and see if they have something that would work. It may not be laserable but all you need is a straight piece.

Ambigram is same word, rotated. This is better!

Great projects–though I’d never remember if I rotated the sign, so would have to open the washer and check the dishes anyway! :smirk:

Hm. I am sorry to be disagreeable and pedantic but, the commonly-accepted definition of an ambigram is " a word, art form or other symbolic representation whose elements retain meaning when viewed or interpreted from a different direction, perspective or orientation" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ambigram). While a lot of (even most) ambigrams are the same word in different orientations, there is no requirement that it be the same meaning/word.

This true/false ambigram by John Langdon is one classic example from the 70s: http://www.anopticalillusion.com/2012/12/truefalse-ambigram-by-john-langdon/

I have seen the Clean/Dirty design before but, don’t remember off-hand who the original designer is.

Edit: Cool magnet in any case! My apologies if we are hijacking the thread.

Don’t be sorry, you sent me down a new path to learning! Appreciated and respected.


Nice work, keep it up.

Rotating the slats such that they are oriented with the long axis vertical will help, as well.

Think an apron on a table. Wood tends to bend along the short axis. Less so along the long axis.

In case that doesn’t make sense, a 2x4 oriented with the ~4” side parallel to the ground will likely bow. Orienting the ~2” side parallel to the ground will prevent most of that bowing. And yes, I know they aren’t actually 2”x4” really.