A first project - hand-drawn rose engrave

Yesterday was the day! Setup took a couple hours longer than it should have because of an energetic toddler and because I didn’t read the manual beforehand - I don’t recommend putting those things together :slight_smile: So, after the excited two-year-old settled down enough to finish setting up, I had enough time to print a ruler. Everything worked great. And this thing is sweet.

Tonight my wife asked if I wanted to test out how loud it was during printing and if it could be heard from the room our little guy sleeps in. So I printed the one thing I knew I had ready to go so far - a drawing my wife had done and converted to an svg file a while ago. And I officially got the ok-to-print-after-bedtime thumbs up!

P.S. If someone could point to a good post here about some Inkscape-for-forging tips, that would be greatly appreciated!


Turned out great! Congrats! :grinning:

Lots of good forging tutorials/tips/etc. here:

And lots of good Inkscape (Illustrator/CorelDraw etc.) tips/etc. here:


I also have a small CNC machine which is out in the garage and very noisy, so much so I worry about neighbors hearing it and don’t use it late at night. One of the things I love about the Glowforge is being able to run it in the house at night without disturbing anyone. We can hear it from other rooms, but it is not distracting.

I’m going to get so much more use out of the GF since it seems the only time I get to do these things is at night.


Glad you got everything up and running. Congrats on your permission to work on projects after hours!


And now we’re running our first late night (er, after 8pm) print, also our first >1hr print. Whew!

So my wife was asking me something so I figured I’d ask here instead of give a wrong answer, and I’ll make a separate post if needed - So, the bar code stickers on the proofgrade stuff… Do you just leave them there while cutting or what?

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Yep! :slightly_smiling_face:

As Jules said. They are easier to weed than the rest of the masking :slight_smile:

Long ago used to have issues where the engraving or cutting wouldn’t be even through the stickers but haven’t had that issue in the past couple of months.

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Thanks guys! Here’s a sneak peek at my next project. I am loving this walnut.


I forsee alot of late night forging then…lol. Remember to eat and take potty breaks…lmao. The rose is gorgeous.