A flying Cardboard Glowforge Glider!

The lesson is not created yet… but we have lift off https://www.instagram.com/p/B5sVCAVgHZD/

The student designed a white box learning glider out of balsa in the previous 9 weeks.

He then completed the name plate video I shared earlier to learn about the glowforge… Then he created a rendition of his white box learning glider using TinkerCAD and cut it out of cardboard on the GF.

The coolest part is that he is on rendition 3 as he tries to hone the design to get the sweetest finished project. The Balsa plane definitely flies better, but the extra attempts and free materials may end up being a better learning experience. :grin:


I dare say, you make learning fun for your students!


Thank you! I have been really blessed to be able to create just about anything I dream up without any interference… Although one time there was an email circulated by our finance guy that stated that my lab used more electricity that a small elementary school!!! :rofl::zap:


Doesn’t look like it had enough nose weight. It ought to have flown quite a bit further and the nose shouldn’t have pitched up when the speed dropped. Check the CG. The plane should balance about 1/4-1/3rd of the way back from the leading edge of the wing. :slight_smile:

=) Very True!!! You a glider guy or use the Whitebox learning software?

The project is a little off as the Whitebox software is totally based on the density of balsa… The designer is juggling my real lessons and the extra projects and like me… is finding there is NOT enough time in the day for it all. =)

Still a ton of fun and I love that he keeps coming back to it whenever he has a spare minute.

Thanks for taking the time to share!


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