A Foldable Dymaxion Globe

Saw this today and put it in my hopper for future forging!

Buckminster Fuller and Magnets.

What’s not to like?



That. Looks. Awesome.

And all the files there too. Sweet.

Now, not to knock 3D printers, but lasers and glue should get us there too. Laser all the things! :slight_smile:


There were a couple of others linked in the article that did do just glue and/or magnets to hold it together.


SWEET!!! Definitely gonna have to try this one at some point. Thanks for sharing!

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Well that deserves a bookmark for sure!

Thanks for sharing this!

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Another project added to my personal hopper.

You me both, and I have to stay away from Pinterest if I want the next 3 hours of my life.

I want to make one of these so bad, but that’s a lot of magnets to spend. And to make those stopper pieces is a bit beyond my reach right now.

Is there no way to laser cut something that would do the trick instead?


The small neodymium magnets aren’t too expensive (and small is all you need). My last order off Amazon was under $15 I think for 30 6mmX2mm and 30 4mmX2mm - lot of magnets for less than a dozen donuts :slight_smile:


Made it! Ended up using tape to assemble after labouring over 120 tiny neodymium magnets, then finding the join a bit unreliable.


Turned out great! :grinning:

Nice color. How’d you do it?

Applied acrylic paint with a used toothbrush :slight_smile: I completed the engrave first and applied the paint with the board still in the GF- I had already ruined 2 others due to misalignment and took it real slow with this one. Next did the score so that the meridian lines show up against the paint. The downside is that scoring darkens the blue at the score line due to the smoke. Then finally did the cut. Took me 3 weeks in all!

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It’s beautiful, and well worth all your work on it! :smile: