A gift for a healing heart


Rarely do I get attached to the patients I work with. It makes it much easier when the don’t do well. However there’s a 4 yr old little guy that has stolen the hearts of everyone in the ICU. He’s been here for 100+ days and most of his issues have been respiratory related so I’ve seen a lot of time with him.
Many of my colleagues get attached to patients and bring in gifts for them but this little guy is a first for me.
He’s a huge fan of Ironman and Lightning McQueen so I had my daughter draw up this pic with both characters in it.

Brought it into inkscape and cleaned it up.
I’ve been struggling to do any design work in inkscape. Just can’t seem to get the hang of it. After trying to draw the outline cut for the acrylic and failing. I traced an led display that I already had.

And used the trace function to get it into the Glowforge. Then added the artwork.

Not anything special when compared to most stuff here but he loved it.


not anything special? you bump your head on something?

That is AWESOME. it not only looks sharp but we know the little dude had to have loved it. :slight_smile:


It’s important to him, so It’s great.


Wonderful story and wonderful project!


Really nice! you should be proud!


You’re mistaken. With or without comparison to other projects, this one is very special. It was so kind of you to do this for him (and FWIW, I do hope that his little heart heals quickly and completely).


I just hope there is a complete recover for both tbelhumer from the head bump, and Ethan. :slight_smile:


I am in awe of your heart, and the beauty of this gift to him. It is beyond value.


No offense to Drea, polarbrainfreeze, jbv or any of the other overly talented artists here, but that is the best thing posted here.


Beautiful! Just Beautiful - in sentiment and execution!


Yep, you’re officially nuts. That’s beyond wonderful! :grinning:
(And I’m temporarily out of likes.) :roll_eyes:


How cool! Your payoff will be when you see his face light up! Any little piece of joy you can bring to that little guy is solid gold. :sunglasses:


That is a super good user story and an amazing drawing. I’d be willing to walk you through any Inkscape issues at any time. PM me. In fact, tonight I’m dedicating to doing an Inkscape video. It’s been too long and they are needed.


The beauty of something like this becomes exponential through its meaning.
This will make a big difference to him and his family.


He will so love this!!! It looks so wonderful lit up!


That is a classy project. I am sure you have made a friend for life. :grinning:


This is a wonderful story. I imagine this means the world to Ethan - thank you so much for sharing.


This is so wonderful. I hope you will share with us about his reaction to your amazing gift…and in this case, ‘gift’ means much more than what you made for him…but I’d love to hear what he said when he saw it.