A Glowforge Hammock - Ideas? or just insane?

I have not done this yet, but it has been on my mind for months before Puff arrived the inkscape part is easy, but it would take at least 3-4’x 8’ sheets of plywood and 100 yards at least of parachute cord and I am not sure about the time on Glowforge or personal but here is the SVG file I did anyway:



I wonder if you’d like to 3d engrave to round the edges to avoid pinching skin when they tilt towards each other when the weight is added.

Already one of the biggest issues is the laser time, and the slightest engrave would increase that many fold to say nothing of the other side and the difficulties that would bring. A dry tumble in silicon carbide balls for a week or two might work if you had a big tumbler and the silicon carbide balls. Or just recently I found a few 1\32 offsets would accomplish the same much faster but still triple the cut time.

Small 1\16" thick washers at every joint would do as well either metal or cut from thin acrylic or even plywood but smaller diameter.


That’s far more practical, it would also produce better and better looking results. Not everything needs to be resolved with the GF. :slight_smile:

Awesome project.

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instead of engraving, severe defocusing will round the edges some.

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What a unique idea! I’d love to see the final project!


I was thinking the same thing.

@rbtdanforth - maybe try a smaller prototype, something like a hammock seat, not a full sized hammock to determine if the materials are strong enough and of the proper size.

I have been thinking along those lines. I have seen similar, probably punched, out of old car tires and used as entry mats, but even those were 1\2" material so a lot fewer parts, but it was the inspiration for the idea.

Of course at that point I was thinking that the Glowforge could cut 1\2".

I thought this was going to be a new concept to add to the “which table should I used for my glowforge?” discussion :rofl:

Neat idea though!

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Hanging out with a Glowforge?

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Now if I can just get someone to make the framework so I can use the hammock idea on a power chair…

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