A GlowForge visit

@joe came over for a PRU visit since he lives nearby. Amusingly we met in line at the GlowForge booth at MakerFaire NYC and found out we live near each other.

Note: I am not wearing a Viking hat, but my son took the picture with the cow skull (long story) right behind me.


Are you ALWAYS in your scrubs @henryhbk? :-)))


:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: Love seeing Glowfolk hanging with each other!! Lucky!!


He came over after work, and arrived a few minutes after I got home from the hospital…


@henryhbk, I think you love your work so much that you wear them 24/7! :-)))


Or I’m at work 24/7…


So awesome! Did you get to print anything together?


Thank you @henryhbk for putting up with me. Enjoy the Cannoli’s!

To start off, we looked a design a friend of mine made. This is the design for some money for a LARP(Live Action Role Playing) they are running. (For those that might be interested https://www.facebook.com/manicdysphoria/)
Doing a reverse engrave for a stamp would have taken some time, so we just did an engrave on some Proofgrade :proofgrade: Maple.

Starting the Engrave.

Final Part. Looks AWESOME, even at low LPI!

Next up, I brought a plank of Yellowheart. So, obviously I wanted to do some Catan pieces! https://glowforge.com/laser-cut-catan-board One thing to note, we had to do some post processing in AI to get it to cut properly.

Short video

In Process. The masking was coming off. Also, the engrave was a lot deeper and darker then we thought it would be. Lots of residue.

In process 2. Lots of residue.

DONE! Looks great! Lots of residue! But there is a problem, it didn’t cut all the way through! Didn’t realized that until after we moved it.

I had some “acrylic” sheets that I got for $1 each (they were getting rid of them at work). Decided to try engraving it to see if it was cast or extruded acrylic. It just burned/melted. Thought maybe the masking was the issue. Nope. Yellowed and melted instead of cutting through. Maybe it isn’t acrylic… :confused:

Henry was nice enough to let me use some Proofgrade :proofgrade: acrylic!

Overall, great trip and a beautiful machine! It made me wish I had mine already!


Yes! :grin:


@Dan, this was a bit weird, and I reported a separate bug we had at the time which may be related, but his piece of yellow wood was too long to fit in the GF, so I made a simple line SVG and cut it (could I have used a saw? Sure, but why?). It cut extremely well and all the way through easily. The exact same cut settings on the main piece did not cut all the way through (more like a very deep score)…


Some pictures for clarity.

Edge shot.



That is weird. Thanks for bugging it.


Just checking the obvious For the record: did you change the thickness setting and affect focus? I’ve done that before. I’d miss something since the settings interface defaults have worked in different ways in the last few months.

Trying to picture how you cut the wood but if it bridged the edges of the crumb tray maybe it was up higher then?


Is it possible that the wood grain direction might have something to do with it?

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Yeah, 0.289"

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Can you clarify how you cut the yellow heart down to size in the GF if it was too big to fit in the GF? I am having a mental block visualizing this. Thanks.

It fit diagonally on the bed, so I just rotated the line to be perpendicular to the wood


Makes sense. Thanks

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Lexan maybe. What did the edges look like before you cut it? Lexan will blob and sometimes burn (& produce nasty gasses).


I was thinking Lexan. We didn’t cut it, just etched it. It blobbed and burned and smelled nasty.