A good way to pass the time


One of my favorite game developers released this game awhile back:

Custom cribbage board

Just made me thing that custom cribbage boards would be a great use for :glowforge:.


I think you’d want to cnc (or mark and drill) the peg holes but for the marking and customizing it would be great.


Ha! I just got the game. I had a lot of fun customizing the grandpa’s and their locations. Now I just need to learn cribbage


It really is pretty easy. Much of the scoring is shared with various poker hand ideologies. Pairs, triples, straights, and hitting point goals via addition of card values. One of those "Easy to learn, hard to master " kind of games.

Heh…I learned it on yahoo games during the way-back-when of chat rooms and AOL Instant Messenger.


I love playing cribbage with my Canadian family on my Moms side…fierce competion and intense bragging rights!!


Haven’t played in years, but love cribbage. My grandfather taught me how to play when I was a small child on a hand carved board from 1906. Reminds me I need to teach my son…


Yeah. I need to make a board and teach my son too…lol


And it was always a special day in our house when someone got 19 points!


I prefer Euchre…makes me ponder engraving a Euchre deck from 1/8 or 1/16 ply.


Maybe acrylic then?


I have not found the lower limit for laser drilling acrylic yet but excellent thinking.
The smallest I’ve tried so far is 0.125"
I’m betting it would work great.


Cribbage is my favorite card game, and making customer cribbage boards for my brothers and other fans has been on my “when I get it” list from the moment I got into the Kickstarter.
It’s not too hard to learn and the rhythms of the game make it addictive.


Made my board


hahaa! that is so funny. Nice work on the board!