A group of poker chips

You need to change the cut line to score on several of them. The interface does not know if a vector line is cut or score, so “guesses” cut.

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Thank you! Struggling with changing the text but determined!

At the time that this design was shared, the Glowforge interface did not group things so aggressively. I think it is not currently possible to select the number only in the interface to change it. Do you have a program such as Inkscape that you can open this in?

Yes. But I’m
Not familiar with the program so I’m teaching myself. It’s gonna take a while! Lol

Been there - still learning myself. For this design, I opened in Inkscape selected the chips, clicked object ungroup until each element was isolated. You can then drag the 5’s off of the chips and select one of the numbers provided along the side and put it on the chip and resize as you wish. (You also have to ungroup the group of numbers).

Ok, do you know why when I do that it wont let me center it and says “cusp node to cusp node”?

No, I have not seen that message in Inkscape.

ok thank you