A Hedgie Home for Wayward Lithops



Okay, finally got around to building this monster…took 2½ sheets of walnut :proofgrade: ply, and it was a great practice exercise in box building in Fusion 360.

Few things I learned along the way - First, make sure you check your assembly instructions - getting one box assembled incorrectly can have a domino effect. You can recover from it, but you might wind up with something that looks more like a centerpiece than a ledge box. (Ahem! :roll_eyes:)

Second - after you’ve CA’d your fingers together for about the sixth time, you learn to keep a Q-tip on hand to wipe up the ooze that squeezes out from the edges. You do not just give it a quick swipe with a finger.

Third - you can cover up that little bit of yourself that you leave in your projects with a black Sharpie.

Fourth - You do not attempt to clean up a bit of CA that got on your acrylic desk cover with a solvent laden Q-tip. No. No. No. No. No.


(We’ll be cutting another one next weekend.)

Try to imagine that filled with succulents - I’ll probably never get around to buying more of them. :smile:


WOW that seems uber complex


It does take a while to assemble.:thinking:


lol… Sounds like you need this more than me. :smiley:


Oh this one will need to be simplified a whole lot more before I offer it. (The instructions would take forever to write up.)

I have a few ideas though - this one is just a test case. :slightly_smiling_face:


I very solidly glued my thumbs and first two fingers on BOTH hands to a superglue bottle in class once. We had a bottle of Nail Polish remover out back, and it took about 10 minutes to free both hands.

We laughed, and laughed…


Where are the hedgies?? Lol looks complicated but so good!! :+1::smile:


Doggone it! Now I want to go learn Fusion 360 even more!


It really is a wonderful tool.

I use it a fair bit, and it allows for some powerful workflow. For example, one of the major projects I am looking forward to is using my GF for making the exterior plating for a humanoid telekinetics project (think like the NASA robonaut but for terrestrial use).


Oh wow @jules, this is awesome! :balloon::two_hearts::boom::clap:

I remember when you were working on this way back when. What did you do about drainage? But if these are cacti maybe you don’t need to worry about that. Can’t wait to see it with plants!


Wow- impressive box building! Great job! Would love to see a pic once it’s filled with succulents :grinning::cactus::seedling:


haha for the most part it means you need to worry about it even more :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s not strictly necessary if you’re very careful, but it makes it much easier to care for them. easy to add ex post facto with a drill once you know how everything looks / goes together.


Still not sure which way to go on the drainage. I killed the last ones from overwatering, so I’m like the worst person to ask about methods… I might just fill it with rocks, instead of plants that look like rocks and be done with it. :smile:


i’ve found lithops in particular are something of a pain. ymmv.

but for succulents in general, drainage is super important, as is using well-draining potting blend. and watering schedules will vary though i tend to let mine dry completely between waterings…it’s much easier to kill them via overwatering in my experience than anything else.


It definitely doesn’t help that I live in a tropical jungle environment here. The poor things mold just from exposure to the air. :disappointed:


It seems a tight fit for succulents in those planters. And I saw no hedgies. So perhaps you meant the title to be ‘A Wedgie Home for Wayward Lithops’? :slightly_smiling_face:


Snorted my coffee…owww! :grimacing:


Really nice attention to detail on that!
Domino effect from the foundation seems to multiply all the way up, from the first point it’s noticed - usually just past the point of no return.:grimacing:
It doesn’t show, very attractive project!


Cool project and great tips (minus the Q-tip). Ha!


I spy shun knives!