A large page is created around my artwork, and I can't print

I made a file using Inkscape, and the page size is 8"x8". The artwork within the page is about 3" x 3".

But when I import it into the GF UI, it feels like it now has a really big page size (like 30" x 30"), and I can’t move individual components of the image. If I try and move one component, it seems to move the entire page.

Since the page is bigger than the bed size, it always says: “no artwork”. If I move the image around, I can see the corners of the page.

Here is a screenshot:

I’ve now cut hundreds of designs, and this is the first time I see this. Here is the file I’m using:


I’m at a lost to figure out what is happening. I tried removing elements. If I look in InkScape, and when I zoom on the image, I don’t see anything weird around it.

Has anyone seen anything like that!? Help!


I copied and pasted elements to another page, and it seems to work now. But I’d still like to know what happened on the original, in case it happens again.

I’m glad you got this resolved. I’m looking into it now. As soon as I have more information I’ll update this thread.

Are you sure there’s nothing odd over in some corner? Good you got it resolved though.
Also, the “draw a box around it and ignore the box” trick will at least let you move something.

I’m sure there was nothing weird. I did “Ctrl-A” to select everything, and the selection box was just around my small pieces.

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FWIW, the design you posted above loaded OK for me.

Not sure if discourse may have done something. Sometimes it is better to post the file as a zip file, so that way Discourse doesn’t have the opportunity to change any of the code.

I saved the file and took a look at it and the basic setting were very messed up, You had pixels, inches, and mm all mixed up so when I set it all to inches it was as you reported as happened in the gfui huge and way off.

This still has problems caused by my trying to fix it so if it copy/pasted correctly it would be better than this…
if you look at <Shift+Ctl+D>there are many settings that could use some study.


Thanks for your patience, and thanks to everyone who’s helped out in this thread already. I downloaded the file and took a look, and the first thing I noticed is that the file seems to have been saved as an “Inkscape SVG” rather than a “Plain SVG”. Inkscape SVGs use some standards that can affect how the SVG renders in the UI. If possible, could you try saving the file as a Plain SVG, and let me know if you run into the same issue?

Unfortunately, just like @jbmanning5 mentioned, I couldn’t test any theories out since the file you posted loaded well within the Workspace bounds for me.

Something else you can try is clearing your browser and/or GPU cache before trying again. These are both long shots, but please let me know if this makes a difference. Thanks!


I have not seen this problem with any other files since. Let’s chock this one up to an unexplained glitch on my side. If I see it again, I’ll open another ticket. In the meantime, you can close this one.


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