A laser by any other name would smell as sweet


I’m a firing mah laser… todays target is a rose petal that fell off a flower my gf got at work.



How did you keep it from flying away with air blast?


Awesome! First engrave on a flower petal! :sunglasses::+1:


Very cool! I wonder if it becomes more pronounced with a soft light behind it?! :slight_smile:


Your Glowforge gets flowers?





Laser all the things!! *

*unless they contain chlorine, or will melt or catch fire too easily or . . .

Laser almost all the things!!


Truly amazing! What a great thought to do that. It’s a first!


Dammit! Beat me.


All I got is leaves and birchbark. Darn, that’s cool.


New technique for an air freshener?? Lol. How was the smell of lasered flower petal??
:glowforge: + :rose: =?


No smell that I noticed.


Hmm…not as awesome as I thought it would be, but WOW, still a great idea to even try lasering a flower petal (we talked about leaves on other posts, but a flower petal…I like it)!