A laser-cut bread box for the kitchen

I made this in the winter but forgot to share it here!

My wife wanted a new bread box for our kitchen, and I had a bunch of imperfect plywood sitting on a shelf, so I tackled the project using only my Glowforge!

Every panel was laser cut from 12x20", 1/4" thick sheets. There are tabs and slots that held the whole thing together while the wood glue dried, so I didn’t need any clamps. The only parts not made on the Glowforge were two hinges, a magnetic latch to hold the door closed, and the pull handle.

Finished it measures 16" wide, 11" deep, 11" tall with a removable shelf.


I love it!
It’s great that you gave us the dimensions, so that I couldn’t ask if it’s bigger than a bread box. Hehe.
This is really really really cool.


Very practical! Nicely done.

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Super nice job on that. Better take it with you if you move!

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Very nice!

Hey, Dan… I’ve been wondering about how to connect two pieces of 1/4" maple plywood together with hinges. Have you found hinges that can be used with screws that won’t go all the way through the 1/4" thickness?

I doubled up the wood so there’s 1/2" where the hinges get screwed in. That’s the extra strip of wood you can see at the bottom of the door in the picture of the open bread box.

This is awesome! I love it!