A Laser cut Cardboard Top? TinkerCAD makes this SO SLICK!

I showed you how to make the top in a earlier vid… This time I drive home the reason TinkerCAD is epic for this type of project. Tinkercad is Free, Fun, and does not need installing. Perfect for Chromebooks as well.


Is “tinkercad” free? if so, a link to that resource would be great to have here! :slight_smile:

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But if some can’t Google tinkercad they probably won’t be able to learn to use it.

Here’s the link for those that disagree and think they’ll be okay once someone gives them the link. :slightly_smiling_face:


LOL - but hey, educational posts should contain everything needed to get there… links, materials lists, etc. Sorry - Just MHO.

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Educational posts are about learning, not having everything done for you. :wink:


Totally free, which is generally how I roll. =) Will get a link in there just to keep things clear. Thanks for checking in!

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Thanks. having fun with this so far… might even try to make something real… :slight_smile:

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There is so much room to experiment. I just bugged my principal about getting a 2nd machine. =)

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