A little bit of everything, plus

Hit a couple birthdays to deal with, then other stuff.

Nephew’s birthday came in. He loves laser stuff, cats, and pandas. I’ve been making him cat-related stuff so this time is pandas.

It suffered some from sanding on the ply. But we had blank, then inlays of zebrawood, padauk, wenge, and metal.

Each disc is 5" across. To be different, I treated them with butcherblock conditioner.

He loved them.

Remember that tangled cat image? I finally decided to wreck my 12" marble tile…the good way.

Then Grandma’s birthday came.

I had seen this at a friend’s place. He’s a local who has gotten me some really great wood to use. I took inspiration.

Bonus Round:

Item 1.

One of my coworkers really belongs here!


She also has a few on the desk below and all over her travel mug.

Item 2.

For the people that really followed to the end, an new YouTube channel (but not sensation) has been born. This has actually been a couple years in the making, and I’m crazy enough to do this for all the Forgers out there.

Will it Forge?

Episode 1: I started easy, with stone tile. (Hate that I cannot customize thumbnails, yet.)

Always open to suggestions for what to try to Forge.


And I have something CRAZY different planned for a Slate episode.

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I see the panda, very nice. I can’t help but see the last one also kinda like a hippotamos to me…just a bit.

Thanks for these pictures and the read. Nice projects, indeed. I’ll be seeing you on YouTube.

Doing a metal inlay that way is a bit tricky. It does look more panda in person.

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Cool. I’ve started on a slate video now so that I can get it up in my planned timeline. I’m hoping to get 2-3 scheduled videos ahead and stay there.



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