A little unrelated Christmas Cheer

So… with the crazy year who else has already decorated for Christmas


Let’s see those trees!


I have to borrow a ladder to get my tree out of the garage crawl space. But I can’t set up too early because the cat will destroy everything… He’s a little too fat to be sitting in the top of the tree.


Now this is something we need to see pictures of. :wink:


it’s not even thanksgiving yet. You’re fired.


At least that’s in the privacy of their home. not outdoors for all to see!

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We do have 3 wreaths up, but no lights yet.

Holy cow! I’m lucky to get the tree up 2 weeks before Christmas! All the grumbling here (all adults) when I ask someone to put the ornaments on…suddenly the house is empty and very quiet! LOL

You know…it might just be that we DO need to do this up good this year!! I think I will try to do more and put more up then I have in the last several years. My life has changed a lot in 8 years and it seems to not slow down (GF hasn’t helped that…now I just have a larger toy to fiddle with).


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