A lot of cuts!



But this sort of thing should be doable. I think.
Obviously I love this because…Books.:slight_smile:

Just got my GF and I have a project idea and want feasibility feedback

OMG Bridget. What can one say. The idea and execution are truly amazing.

The slightest sadness at the loss of the texts, but I think the creation of such pieces well counters that.
So,wonderful :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

EDIT Now subscribed to the Colossal website.

Been to his gallery, and started to think that I need some idea of how to use a 3d program(avoided so far) and a slicing program.
I can see the application with veneers instead of books, but how about acrylic in very thin sheets, then edge lit with fibre optics rather than individual leds ?
Mm… Part of my brain is beginning to drool.


Omg…simply stunning :heart_eyes: I can’t even imagine the amount of time that must go into just one of those sculptures.


I didn’t even conceive of this type of art work.

Thanks for bringing this unique art to the forum.


Those are incredible! What beauty!!


Holy Wow! What beautiful, painstaking work. Thanks for sharing this great site, @bridget.


That is amazing! But holy cow that guy must patience!


I can’t really get my head around the idea of ‘sandblasting paper’ mentioned.
I wonder if he glues the pages together first ?


I think we all know the old saying. If you love something, set it… on fire with a laser. Or was it free? Pretty sure it’s laser.


Holy Cow!!!


That reminds me of the mysterious paper sculptures of Edinburgh.


Oh my. Sandblasting totally makes sense for something like that, because you’re never going very deep compared to the areas around your working spot. Wow.


now I want to drop a book into my sandblaster and see what I can do to it… but part of me is horrified of destroying a book … any book…
Maybe I can find a set of Dummies guides to Windows 8 or something.:thinking:


Lots of books that don’t deserve that level of respect. I could see some interesting political statement pieces using that technique. A set of Mein Kampf copies with modern day Jerusalem cityscape for instance demonstrating the victory of the human spirit.


Well now… that makes me want to make a creation scene from copies of The Origin Of Species, to sit next to an evolutionary-model scene made from copies of the King James Edition.

I wonder what the Gideons do with worn out motel bibles?


I don’t know about the Gideons, but the book of mormon that I got in a marriot was so badly bound that it fell apart before I could read much of it.


That is beautiful! The details on that scale are stunning!


You could buy books being sold as “display quality”. Which is usually code for missing pages or marks and scribbles that make reading impossible. I feel less bad (badly?) about ripping apart those books. The covers are still cool, though, so it’s nice to get some use out of them. I go through and rip out any page that might be cool for another project, too, like any cool illustrations.

Another good option is door-to-door book sets from the 50s and 60s. Some of the sets are good and worthwhile, I’m sure, but lots of them are just collections of c̶r̶a̶p̶ not-great-literature. But again they’ll have really beautiful covers.

It also helps to know that loads of books end up in landfills every year (many of them to straight from the publisher, do not pass go, do not collect $200). And even when they’re in good condition and readable, a lot of old books you literally can’t give away for the purpose of being read. I even looked into rebinding some books I cut the cover off of and donating them, but book charities are very particular about what books they’ll take - like a lot of them need to be recent releases, hardover, in new condition.


You could print those using an Mcore 3D printer that produces full colour models by cutting and laminating sheets of paper coloured with a 2D printer. A lot less work and skill than sandblasting. Then you would need stick on laser cut covers to make it look like it was made from books.


I bought a new dictionary and a new thesaurus for a dollar each (I thought I should have them before going off to college - it was the 80s). Turns out part of the dictionary was NOT in alphabetical order. For a dollar it was worth the laugh. Probably still have it. For some reason, I’d sandblast other books before that one. First on the list is some novel missing about thirty pages two-thirds of the way through. That just makes one angry.