A man named Michael

Michael is the non-blood brother of my step daughter. Stories get convoluted. He is now about 54. He lost his first wife of 16 years to cancer, then after a long time met and married his current wife. Michael is now battling cancer himself and recently got news that has given him good reason to make final preparations. All hope for recovery is not lost…yet, but the outlook is grim.

He became a pretty good photographer and shared many of his photos on Facebook. He also enjoyed writing Haiku poetry. As part of his ‘preparations’ he asked any and all of his friends on Facebook to participate in creating a book for his wife, Gretchen……comprised of his photographs and haikus, and being curated and assembled by a good friend. Everyone could choose whatever combination they liked most and send a page in any medium.

This is mine. It’s about 6x7” on cherry PG.

It’s a very sad story, but the project is a good and worthy one. I am counting my blessings as I write.


It is beautiful – in more ways than one.


Prayers for the best and that will be so treasured irrespective of the outcome of his battle!


This is beautiful, loving, and moving.

My best wishes for your family and for you at this time.


Very moving. I’ll say a little prayer for the best outcome for him.


Very moving, sorry that you and your loved ones have to go through this!


I’m sad for your family. This is a lovely and touching piece.


They will both love this … and Gretchen will treasure it.

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Very nice tribute @Xabbess.

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That haiku is beautiful and so appropriate for what it will represent. Fantastic work from the artist himself, as well as the way you are honoring him.