A mess but doing a job finally

So many issues about the GFUI and my own planning. Rule one from those learning don’t fly before you can walk. I would try several new concepts and when one went bad many things did.

The designs also depended on very high accuracy that was more than I could accomplish, particularly with the GFUI crashing or changing that even as I used the same piece of geometry as it hugged the limits of the engrave area was 3/16 wider than it had been in the previous 3 cuts.

I also ran into many dead ends as I realized what I needed was larger than could be accomplished.

Ultimately what I needed was a way to get all my meds and other similar stuff off the desk/table and on an empty wall so I glued it together and used it anyway despite the problems.


Have you seen this thread?
And the design:
Now that they are off the table for storage you could add a kinetic element.

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Yes I saw those but have it in commercial plastic containers. I was experimenting with a few joining ideas with the usual interlock replaced with a blind tooth style that the means of connection would be hidden but it would not need any glue. The few joints that it worked worked very well but that accuracy was hard to achieve.

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In the end … Definitely, quite useable. Seems you learn something with each project you take on. Enjoy the process.


Looks perfectly practical to me! :grinning:

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