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I have been brain storming this for a while and wanted to share my first iteration of the Moment From Dr. Who. The cube itself is 4.75 inches on a side and the sides where created in Inkscape (I now know more about booleans than I ever wanted to). It’s not exact, by any means but I like it.

And here, with Velvet Underground record for scale:

The edges and corners were cut on CNC. For the edges, I laid them all out all out together and etched then so the design wrapped.

I would probably go with a faster speed next time as the laser went through the thinner parts and gave me some issues with glue squeeze out. I also cut the edges about 1/8 inch too long (math is hard) and so I had to cut and sand them.

The corners are cut like this and they just fold up:

They needed to be a bit more substantial than the edges, but that’s for next time.

Hope my fellow nerds get a kick out of it.


As a fellow Whovian, I love this! Nice work!
And the Velvet Undergound album is ideal for comparison on so many levels…


Neat folding technique! My brother-in-law builds speakers, and uses a v groove machine to cut through everything except the veneer, and then folds up into a box.

Great subject and nice job on that!


Thanks! I have found so many fun uses for Vbits on the CNC.

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I was dying to know!

Nice work.


Love the edges.

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I wanted to stick with the banana theme. :slight_smile:


The folding corner blocks are definitely something I’ll add to my CNC classes. Thanks! Very nice effect on this box.


Fantastic job on the engraving … cool turnout!

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