A movable hinge for a box lid without any additional materials. Is that possible?

No idea if this is possible to do using just wood. But, I am looking to make a box with a lid that opens/closes using just wood and the GF. Is that…possible? :slight_smile:

Try this site: http://www.festi.info/boxes.py/


Thanks hansepe. Checking it out!

These come to mind.
I played with the lower concept once. Saw no way to make it work without a gap on back that would have to be covered with box liner or something flexible, but nice to have a lid without hardware.



I love these examples. The right one is what I was thinking of. But…I don’t see any way to make it without having a gap in the back to make room for the swinging lid. Any thoughts on that?

As mentioned in post. You could make a flexible box liner (felt, cork, etc) higher than the gap to cover it.
Only solution I could dream up when I was examining the concept. I also put some wax on the tabs if remember right. They were catchy (probably too tight?).


That is a cool hinge. First one like that I have seen. Great design.:grinning:

And as fast as that another idea forms also LOL.
Red lid (black is hinge tab) inside an extended loop (think of it as outside the box --> pre-groaned comment). Would not look as spiffy but would cover the gap.


From the festi link @hansepi posted. I’ve built them before, very nice.