A new search term for our type woods "micro lumber"

I was looking at a company that had some incredible species but could not find thin stuff and wrote to ask and they sent a link that they called it “micro-lumber” and while some is in the half-inch range some is less than 1/8. Pricey but some species you won’t find elsewhere…


I’ve circled their figured myrtle for years.

Previously in cook woods:



I had not seen them before but a search on “micro lumber” shows up many I had not seen before. The search term was the main point, as I had not seen it called that before, and would not be the first term I thought of though perhaps others would.


For a plywood version, this site sells “micro ply”! Plus a good selection in 1/16" which is kinda rare. https://www.laseredbythecreek.com/


Yeah we got it, I was just cross linking back to the other posts to make the forum more useful and interconnected.


I have bought quite a bit of stuff from them. Bigger stuff. Waiting on an order now

@evansd2 that is what I’m waiting for :grin:. I’ll let you know what it’s like.

Ooh, yeah, I’ve been eyeing their stuff for awhile, but it’s exactly the sort of stuff I’d buy and hoard instead of using!

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I am not exactly hoarding but want the results to justify the material, but not having come up with that design yet, the result is the same.


Thanks for the search term! This really helps in finding the thinner stuff some of us may need while we wait for PG to come back in stock!

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