A perch for ye olde dragon

Finally bought a table to put the Glowforge on once it arrives. I surprised myself and found what I was looking for at IKEA. It was actually the first table I saw walking in the door. I was really surprised how solid it was. They had numerous of that model set up around the store and they all seemed very stable, and rather heavy. Cool part of it is it’s adjustable height (27" to 47"). I thought the adjustable height might be a great feature once the filter arrives, especially in conjunction with putting materials through the pass-through. And, in the end the price wasn’t bad. The legs and mechanism are actually square tubing, like I said, rather heavy and very stable. Plan to put some carpet slides on the feet to help move it when I need the pass-through slot.


All that and no mention of the model? :wink:


They seemed kind of wobbly at my IKEA, but maybe it’s a setup issue. Glad yours is nice and stable!


LOL! what @potentato said :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: es


Wobbly here in central Texas too.

I went and picked up an Ikea PÅHL children’s desk. It’s almost the exact footprint of the Glowforge (1/8" smaller either side) and has a few inches behind, the legs screw into the tabletop, it’s height adjustable (23" to 28") and has a rack for powerbar. Price was right, too.



I’m with @dan_berry I have the PÅHL too. Works wonders. I have notices some wobble when the :glowforge: is making quick movements but it is very stable

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Actually this one came from the Round Rock IKEA. All the adjustable tables with the more rounded legs were
Pretty wobbly, but the ones with the 6" square tubing were pretty solid.

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they must have sent someone around to tighten them since I was there. Awesome.

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I went with this one

It’s just over 50 inches long giving just a little extra surface to place a tablet or calipers. As stated, I find it very solid. Can’t say I notice any significant movent even when the head is moving fast.


I have had one for over a year and its super solid. Just wish it had wheels for the :glowforge:

I did the Alex/Linmon table, with another Alex rolling cabinet underneath in the kick space. Cabinet fits PG but not standard 24x12, and the drawer unit is just a bit narrower than 12, so offcuts and supplies only.

Still working on the transportable version.

nice, love the fit for the Glowforge.

I’m glad to hear it. Was a little worried that maybe the ones I jumped up and down on were exceptions to the rule. I’m thinking about putting carpet slides under the feet to see how difficult that would be to move (since I have carpet in my office). If it works I think I might prefer that to casters just because it’s always hard to keep anything on casters from moving or shaking. If not, I might be looking for a way to attach some casters :wink: