A Place to Remember

So, as some of you may have seen my box that I made for my dad’s ashes.
A friend of my sister did as well.

I was asked if I could please make a memorial leather journal for her,
so she and her loved ones could record memories of her husband who had just passed this last January.

I had never engraved a photo on leather, so this was going to be a new challenge.
I think it turned out pretty well.

And I’m pretty sure I put in more hours on it than I made.
But, in the grand scheme of things, I was helping a family heal.!

And that, is worth it.

The Technical Deets:

No masking. Cleaned with 50/50 water/white vinegar. Then leather soap. Then Gorilla taped the image, leather dye, peel tape off. Hit whole thing with leather conditioner. Finished product is a leather hand stitched memorial journal.

Speed 1000, Power 65, LPI270, 1 pass - Under Bitmap options was set to Grayscale - Vary power.



It turned out just wonderful. I’m sure they appreciated it very much.


That second image didn’t quite load - but it’s SO worth clicking on! I’ve never tried a photo on leather, but you nailed it. That looks fabulous. I’m sure they are thrilled beyond words.


Beautiful work.

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So very beautiful!!

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Terrific work! Nicely done!

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This is gorgeous. I would not have thought to engrave a photo on leather.

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Great job, very sweet!

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wow. very nice!

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Was this Proofgrade leather? Or leather you sourced from somewhere else? It turned out beautifully!