A Puzzle - Clogs


My mother in law asked me if I could make a puzzle for her mom who loves a good jigsaw. You can’t really say no to your mother in law without implications so off I went. I looked at a few a few pics I had and settled on a pic of some clogs that was taken in Zaanse Schanse - The Netherlands. It is most famous for its windmills, but there is a small clog museum there that demonstrates how clogs are made. It is fun.

I cut the puzzle on non pg birch plywood as I don’t have any chip board or mdf. I tried to use some transfer rite to reduce charring, but it pulled the ink from the picture so I just cut it face down with nothing. It helps that there is a lot of brown it the picture so any charring hidden. I just used a can of glue spray to fix the pic to the board. It all seemed to come tighter ok.

There are also a few special shapes in the puzzle, but I forgot to reverse them so the came out correctly when you turn the face of the puzzle back up. OOPS.

Oh well. I am going with it. Will see what the Mother-in-law says!


I’ll bet she loves it! :grinning:


I hope so! I think it will be different then what she has done before so it will be fun!


I agree she will love it.


Very Nice, will give her a run for her money.


She will love it! Clogs are pretty cool for a photo.


Nice! Should be a reasonably challenging puzzle—same color everywhere.


That is shoe nice.


Looks nice! I still want to try making a puzzle of this size. Did you seal the top with anything?


Wooden shoe think it would be difficult to put together?:no_mouth:


Thanks! No. I did not seal the top, but I am thinking about it. I noted on some of my tests that after the puzzle was cut the top photo layer of the photo paper can lift. A sealer of some kind would likely help.


Yuck Yuck. I see what you did there. I love shoe humor. And sneaker humor - to boot!