A puzzling situation

With the previous work on craft sticks bringing out the question of a craft stick puzzle, I just HAD to give some time to the question.

Of course, with everything so trial and error. I discovered that round one had not been given enough power.

Thankfully, I had not touched anything, so re-submitting the print allowed me to darken everything up. Not quite what I was hoping for, but better than it was. I just realized variable power instead of convert to dots probably would have given a better image.

Naturally, a puzzle needs a box, too. I didn’t have time to cut and glue one, especially with a picture on top, so dollar store gift boxes to the rescue.

Now to inflict it upon my coworkers.


I like it! Would be a cool idea for one of those birthday scavenger hunt presents; a one-letter per stick message could be added which gives a clue when the picture is complete.


Popsicle stick Puzzles. You’ve created a new artform. :sunglasses::+1:


That’s brilliant!!!


Simply WOW! Great Job!:+1::grin::glowforge:

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Very cool! :sunglasses:

So I’ve created the craft stick puzzle. I’m already working on upping the ante on this art form, but details are being reserved right now.


Tease! :smile:

Maybe a little bit. Still, if I’m going to ‘make an art form’, I’m going to try to do it right. And since it is a puzzle, I’m feeding positively evil.


Evil it is! Better still would be to Give it to your Coworkers as Popsicles! :grinning:

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