A question for model railroaders


Wow. These are amazing!

As for snow? Gosh… I suppose I’d make one and see, but they’re really so awesome already!!!


That is a brilliant idea and they look absolutely amazing. Well done!


I am fortunate enough to have an original @cynd11 miniature. It’s breathtaking. It lives in a curio cabinet with my other precious objects. I do like the All season look. I would imagine that there are railroaders who would love a winter scene. I have O27 gauge so it’s not quite in the same scene. You’ll just have to try one and see how it works. Have no idea on technique though.


These are absolutely beautiful :heart_eyes:

I also vote no snow for year-round purposes. They are amazing as is!


This is really neat. Love the re purposing of the the led so the house lights up. Very cool project.


This is downright phenomenal. Wow! Snow or no, doesn’t matter.


I love these as is, but I have to admit I’m a sucker for snow scenes. Although I’d be hesitant to permanently attach the snow as well.

How about a temporary, non-destructive trial run? I’m thinking snow “hats” that sit on top of the existing roof. These could be made of some white base material, and be based on your original pattern for the roof. Then you glue the fake snow to the “hat” instead of your actual model. If you like the look, just tack them down with low-tack adhesive, in case you want to remove them later.

I’m not sure what to use as the white base material, though. Some modelers use carvable, sandable foam, like high density Smoothfoam. It can be sanded to make realistic drifts, but it may be too thick for this purpose. I believe 1" thick is the thinnest they make, but perhaps you could split it into thinner sheets.

If you decided you liked the look, you could also model some icicles for the eaves using structure gel. There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing how, just search for “modeling icicles”. I would glue them to the “hat” as well, just to be safe.

Edit: This video contains some good tips. You could adapt them to the “hat” idea or, if you’re braver than I am, use them directly on your model.