A Question on Scoring

I just tried this on some baltic birch plywood and got similar results to yours.

Thanks for testing it! Mine’s similar (might be a little deeper) but it’s also a PRU so I can’t ever say for sure if it’s the same for everyone else.


I agree that the scoring is WAY too deep. Every test I have done so far has gone all the way through the material. Even drastically lowering the power it still goes right through the acrylic. Also when I manually set it to do 1 pass it still does 2 passes.

Really? I just did some tests to scored scored text to engraved text and it didn’t go through the acrylic on default settings

Yeah, I’ve only had the glowforge a few days, was making ornaments for my wife’s class today and tried to use a score instead of engrave since they were just paths so that it would go much faster. It went right through the proofgrade acrylic, I set it to manual and halved the power and it still did. Tried increasing speed as well. At about 400 speed and 4 power it still went through in the corners of shapes.

I made the glowforge ruler and it didn’t quite go through, but was like 99% through.

You’ll want to post pictures of the back of that ruler to “Problems and Support” and describe what you’re seeing. At least one other 'forge that we’ve seen on the forums needed to go back for overpowering through everything.


Considering the default proofgrade settings for cutting PG acrylic is Full Power and 157 speed, you likely need to contact support directly.

Good idea, the glowforge is at my parent’s house temporarily but I’ll get pictures on Tuesday.

I’ll do that. Engraving and cutting seems to work fine. Well actually only some engraving. If it’s a path in Inkscape it engraves fine, if it’s a larger shape it also engraves almost all the way through. Hmm and now that I think of it it did two passes to cut the acrylic when it was clearly through on the first pass.

One extremely specific reason for a deeper score: I am playing around with scoring vector illustrations and then painting, with the black score line standing in for a black ink line. In that case, a bit of additional depth to the cut both makes it easier to paint “inside the lines” and emphasizes that there is an actual change in the surface of the wood.

That said, my PG score settings are not nearly as deep as you’re describing and don’t seem to be destabilizing my pieces. I have only had my machine for about a week and haven’t gotten into customizing settings, but reading this thread makes me v curious about experimenting with score depth. I love the idea of the depth slider or mapping depth to shades of gray.

You should post in Problems & Support. Be sure to include the source file - the double cutting is almost certainly a problem with double lines in the source file.