A quick question about expand for Illustrator pro s

Hi everybody,

A quick and I think easy question for those who have good skills on inkscape. It’s about expand.

I have discover during practising Illustrator, that when some use “expand”, some use “outline stroke” or “create outlines” (for text).

Is there a difference or is it two ways to do exactely the same?

Thanks by advance.


hi marc,

if you talk about Illustrator, expand is the same as outline stroke or create outlines (if it’s text).

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That was the question. Thank you for the answer.

But it’s also not if you have anything extra going on in your text like effects, gradients, pattern fills, dashes or extra appearance fills/strokes. Ditto for lines or anything else. Expand actually does much more complicated and extensive things.

That is true. Therefore I much rather expand than create outlines or outline strokes.