A (re-)Visit to the Home Page

Everyone else may be much more in the know than me, but just for fun I re-visited the GlowForge Home Page when I realized I had not been there since…well, maybe since my GF arrived a year ago. I wandered down the page to the very bottom and hit the “About Us” option. It looks like all of the GF employees are listed and pictured. Dang, there’s a bunch of folks. Again, I may be the only one that didn’t realize just how many people (and especially software engineers) were working at GF!


I took your suggestion and looked at the entire list of employees. To say I am very impressed is an understatement. We already knew it, but we have an amazing and diverse team behind us all.


I’ve peeked at it along the way…they must be up to over seventy folks now.
(Not a little company anymore.)


I try to keep up with it. I actually read the job postings in careers regularly. They never post for a chaplain.

But I have written a few job postings myself in the past year for some new hires at the church. I model them on the Glowforge postings. They really are good. So far they have worked. I get lots of good applicants and have been happy with the eventual hires.


Another air filter delay…

marmak3261 is moving to Seattle.


This cracked me up.

We use textio.com to help with our job postings - it’s great for pointing out text that may not be read the way you intend.


Will definitely run one of my homilies through this and see what comes up. Probably say what my parishioners do. Too long. Tee time is at 11:00 AM.