A realization about my refurbished unit

In an attempt to head off any confusion, I sent a note to glowforge asking for some clarifications. I didn’t want to be disappointed.

One question was on the laser tube I’d be sent… I asked them to verify that the refurb would have a laser tube of a similar lifetime as the tube in my machine.

response: “I’m afraid I don’t have a way to access specific details, like laser tube usage, about the refurbished unit that will be sent to you.”

this is a little baffling. I would imagine that since all of my jobs are submitted through the app, they know exactly how many hours I have on my tube.

as a result, I feel like I’m taking my car, with 5000 miles on it in for a new backup camera and performance tuneup, and I’m being giving back someone else’s car, with 60000 miles on with a promise that they will make me a deal on a new engine if this one craps out (they will even tell me how to install it myself.)

and yes, it’s possible they used low mileage tube, but they might have also used a high mileage tube. According to support, they have no way of knowing. :confused:

Just curious how all of this has worked out for others.

btw, the cost is $489 for the refurb, 200.00 for shipping, and 45 tax.

All I really want is my system repaired…crappy camera, re-calibrated so cuts are consistent across the board… For this I’m paying over 700$ and getting an unknown quantity.

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You’ve opened a support ticket by posting in the Problems and Support section – They’ll close this thread when they find the duplicate ticket (since you’ve already emailed them). If you just want community input, posting over in Everything Else is a better choice. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting! As @geek2nurse predicted (thanks!) I am going to reply in the support email you’ve already got started.

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