A ring box in obsessive detail

As a number of my project do, this started with getting asked some questions and inspiration from elsewhere. A friend bought her husband a ring for Christmas, and was looking for ring boxes. She then asked if I could laser engrave the ring box.

“Well, that depends a lot on the box, but probably.”

She then spotted things from around and about that she wondered about.

“I saw this design with a fingerprint heart, can you do that?”
“Did you seriously ask that? Get me the fingerprints and get ready to be blown away.”


As some parts of the design came together, the question of the box was big. I was browsing various sources for wood boxes that I could engrave, when I had this conversation with myself.

“Self, there are a lot of boxes, but some are pricey, and I cannot be sure to get them in time to finish everything out.”
“That’s true, Self, but look at all those beautiful wood options. Man, I wish I could get hands on some of those boxes quickly.”
“Wait a minute, Self, you have some amazingly beautiful woods in hand right now and a freaking Glowforge! Make the box instead of buying it.”
“Self! That is brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that? I’m glad I keep you around.”

Yes, I do talk that way at times. The cats are used to it, and it keeps the neighbors from complaining about what I might do otherwise.

Taking inspiration from some designs I saw here, I wanted to do the box in stacked layers, approximately as a cube. Design ideas started flying through my mind.


“Design away, dad, as long as I don’t have to move.”

Tricky, but away we go.

Design: Cube-ish, in stacked layers.
Wood: Wait! That’s the perfect time to try out my Padauk!

Lid: Attached with magnets, lip to help hold in place.
Engravings: Top, Bottom, Inside of Lid
Finish: Keep the laser char inside, sand the outside to reveal that beautiful orange and treat with cutting board oil. (Different? Sure, but so am I.)

Step 1: Design

I took measurements of the board (courtesy of Inventables), and worked out the math on the layers, dimensions, pegs for inner layers, notches for magnets, and where to engrave. I double checked everything, and naturally made a couple mistakes, but nothing I couldn’t take in stride.


“That’s what you get for overthinking it when you could be paying attention to me, instead.”

Step 2: Preparation

With every design element more or less ready, I had to prepare for the laser.

The Padauk had been pressing between 2 tiles under some weight for about a week, but I wanted the perfect surface. Sanding… Oribital sander at 220 grit, chased by 2000 grit hand sanding. Got it so smooth you almost couldn’t touch it.

Side note: Sanding Padauk makes you look like a Cheeto.


Masked the sucker and put it in the laser.


For maximum protection, it is masked front and back.

Step 3: LASER TIME!!!

Minor mistake (Mistake 1): I started with engraving. In the case of this box and what I had in mind, I should have only done cuts and engraves specific to the box construction itself, then put the finished box in for engraving. Live and learn (and sand a lot).


Then engraves for assembly (magnet holes, etc), cut, cut, and cut some more.


Mistake 2: I didn’t pin or mark for location, so I had to make sure everything was done before touching the wood, or I had to start over with another board. Major stress point there.

But removed from laser, and started removing masking, stuff looked great.

56650698130__06188F33-F6DA-4B30-B48F-D2432AA7FC19 56650870233__10FE2356-6D9B-4475-8B60-A1BA08D5FD99

Step 4: Assembly

Enter some dry fits, glue, rubber bands, and binder clips. Aside: I really need to get a few actual clamps.

56650839592__7F39DA6D-EAEC-4407-83D6-56F371EBFF9D IMG_6742 IMG_6744 IMG_6745 63066 56650983998__4FBA6CD6-75DF-4E22-B01B-5F481872366C 56653029060__C22524D1-A38A-43FC-BCAA-BC85B646F18E

The really tedious process? Glue in 8 magnets so that they all align perfectly both in position and polarity.

IMG_6749 IMG_6750

Step 5: Finishing

I wanted to preserve the laser char inside, while cleaning up soot that could transfer. On the outside, I wanted to bring back that beautiful orange grain that gives Padauk so much character. Insert sanding. During this step, I gave up on the lip and left it to the magnets to hold the lid. (You can read that as I accidentally broke it and did not cut another since the magnets hold the lid quite well. Mistake 3: I should have kept the lip at least until sanding was completed as it would have helped keeping box and lid sanding consistent.)

Revisit Mistake 1: When sanding, I discovered how much holding and maneuvering the box was affecting the engrave, on top of detail being messed up by the masking. So I committed to sanding off the top and bottom engraves to put it back into the laser when done.

IMG_6756 IMG_6757 IMG_6759 IMG_6760 IMG_6761 56658580996__8F12500B-1958-4AC7-A555-037EB70E1FE9 56658858920__F6D3517C-4E10-4492-A7D9-E1578D48ABF3 56658860194__E09EB054-DB66-4FF6-8FB7-932142DB8993

Once it was cleaned of soot on the outside, I committed to really smoothing it perfectly (as much as can be done with a wood.) At this point, I donned gloves, and the only touch it received was cat noses from inspection times. (Lasercats review most of my projects.)

56678268739__86442B05-07EA-4DE0-92D1-8A84981429A4 56678272876__F2E9CC22-0B91-4488-8646-E79FA6669344

How obsessive did I get?

IMG_6800 IMG_6776

Inspection under 25X magnification, and 2000 grit sandpaper pretty much stopped removing any wood

Insert several coats of cutting board oil, with 20-30 minute soak times between application and removing excess.

IMG_6785 IMG_6786 56678314720__10D73B91-F0B5-4A88-BED2-8438754CF5A8

Then I let it sit overnight. One last inspection before it goes back into the laser.

IMG_6790 IMG_6791 IMG_6792

I could have made it 7% better with having a woodshop for some of the tasks, but I don’t have that space or money right now.

Back in the laser for the final engraves:

One more wipe down with oil, and it is glamour shot time:

IMG_6801 IMG_6802 IMG_6803 IMG_6804 IMG_6806 IMG_6807 IMG_6808

And the crowd goes wild. Now I have to make some more.

I have to sort through my woods. Potentials on the block right now:

African Mahogany


Edit/Note: If you read through that whole thing and do not at least chuckle once, you are dead inside and need some serious help.


Really clever and excellent execution. Looks great.

(And yes, more than one chuckle :slightly_smiling_face:)


Of course it came out great—it was lasercat supervised and approved! What an exquisite box, just gorgeous. I’ll bet you’d like to keep it; I would want to, even with somebody else’s name on it! :laughing:

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There was some temptation. Still, I have 3-4 more sheets of Padauk, and some other woods to play with.

ROFL! Well the story is superb…and your assistant is very witty. :smile:
Gorgeous results!


Nice technique there of stacking a hardwood. With the sanding and finish, it looks solid! Great documentation.

And I never saw a fingerprint heart before. Clever.


I cannot claim credit for that idea, but I can deliver.


OK - I laughed, I cried, I was inspired. Perhaps you should ask your cat if you need professional help with that obsessive stuff, but if you have loupes why wouldn’t you use them? Seriously beautiful box!

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Neighbors can be so fussy. I had one middle-aged schizophrenic patient who devoted his nighttime hours to vanquishing demons from the neighborhood with his toy light saber. The neighbors were astonishingly ungrateful for all his hard work keeping them safe. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, the box is lovely. I have a brand new belt sander, and am eyeing my stack of unidentified hardwoods!


Unless you are prepping the wood for the laser, belt may be too aggressive for such projects.


The cats long ago agreed that I needed professional help and should never be left unsupervised.


Thanx for the conformation, I did laugh at this though!

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I like your dedication, it turned out really nicely.

If you ever do another magnet-closed box, try cutting the holes with the laser to get a really good friction fit for your magnets. I’m not sure why it ended up being tedious, but if you do it with lasers it’s dead-on accurate and will give you much less guff. You simply add magnet holes to the two layers that will be facing each other.


I like the radiused corners. Gives it a much “softer” feeling. And the stacking of the hardwood. I’m not big fan of finger joints.

That wood is gorgeous. Wish I had a need/use for some.

Only thing I might look at differently in the future would be the fonts. But, I’m a font snob. Choosing fonts can often be the longest part of a lot of design jobs.

For the inscription with the date, nothing wrong with script, but I’d look at a heavier script, I think because the grain is so strong.


Yeah, picking fonts is often 90% of my design work.

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Really enjoyed your write-up! A great appreciation for all the in-progress photos! A beautiful finish!

I’ve got a fine grit belt on it – have been using it for finishing edges on my Baltic birch projects with great results, but yes, mostly for prepping. :slight_smile:

I fill the screen with various options until the words no longer look like words any more. Then I have to just give up and go do something else for a while. It’s HARD. :wink:

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Yeah. I have a current project where I have to go through mine to find fonts ‘like’ one that I have, but different.

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