A sad farewell


Due to downsizing/rightsizing/plain old layoffs, tomorrow is my officemate’s last day. :cry: As a small token of appreciation, I recreated one of his favorite calligraphy panels on bamboo…

The chop is that of the original artist, not mine.


How lovely. I hope he finds another position soon. :neutral_face:


He starts his new gig on Tuesday – he’s a wicked smart and skilled developer. Big mistake by mgmt. :thinking:


That’s really fine looking! What a nice remembrance. I see the little dog tag there next to it…I’ve been doing some things with those lately, too. Great that your friend has another job so soon…he’s very fortunate.


It’s a beautiful gift. So leaving won’t be all bad for him.


Nice that you could put a silver lining on it for him.
Well done.


Ichi go
Ichi e

Each encounter is a special opportunity


Had to enlarge it to see how you’d achieved that.
Amazing, and love it.