A sadder usb box than usual

So I’ve posted before about the legacy videos my buddy tries to make for families. Particularly for the older members of the family who want to leave something for the future generations. This one was sadly for a young local cop who(only 2 weeks on the job) while seemingly healthy as a captain for baseball in hs and college, simply fell over in his backyard. Left behind a, now 2 month pregnant fiancé. Story hit all the news outlets including the major ones from Philly.


So sad. Makes you appreciate every day.

Legacy videos. What a wonderful idea.


What a wonderful idea, love your ideas :wink: as the mom of an deputy, this would be a wonderful thing for his family, especially as the kids grow up without him. Thank you for doing this.


Tragic, but to have something like this is at least one good way to remember him by. Just this year I started journaling because I realized that life is unpredictable. I often am frustrated that I don’t have access to my mom anymore to ask her about my childhood, or even to know more about her as an adult to develop that friendship between her and my adult self. Very cool peoject, thanks for the share.


Totally get that. I was lucky to have my mom for a long while, but my MIL (who was closer to me than my own mom) sadly passed at 60.