A Salmon no doubt

Sort of a mixed grab bag here of techniques. Engrave, plastic inlay, and some fooling around with connectors and cutting thick clear plastic. Sort of a work in progress as other than the image I sort of made this up as I went along.

Proofgrade maple is what I started out with and an image online which I manipulated in Illustrator and added a border to.

Decided I should try to do an inlay of plastic to pick up the different colors and because I’ve never tried it before.

As I am currently short on a suitable glue and wasn’t sure if I would like the inlay, I decided to make a clear sandwich. Ended up experimenting with some thick clear acrylic to make a frame of sorts and made up some connectors which mostly worked.

One thing I’ve been doing lately for everything I make is adding a mark to the back, here I used draftboard to fill the thickness of the plastic sandwich. I paste in this mark and just engrave on the back when I’m done.


Neat! I really like this tribal look. And a great reminder to always include a sig or maker’s mark. I rarely do and I should.


Great techniques with the sandwich and pegs! :grinning:


Love the salmon inlay. Being short on supplies can lead to awesome new techniques - the clear sandwich is neat!

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