A Scout is Organized?

I just became Cubmaster and thereby inherited some materials.

Clearly I need boxes. Feathers, straws, and rocket-body pvc pipes are long. So long, narrow-ish boxes.

I need another feather box and one for the pvc rocket bodies, still.
Uniform size and shape will help my closet and the next Cubmaster’s.
Small enough to organize all the things, but long enough that nothing needs to be stuffed in the back, lost, and repurchased.


Looks pretty organized to me. Everything is in or near a bag or a box. :grinning:


Nice job!!

Willing to travel to Colorado to cleanup my home office and tech cave? :smirk:


Laser all the things.
Q: will you take the Cubmaster job?
A: if I can use my laser.
Q: can you come to a birthday party
A: laser-made and laser-enhanced gifts!



I’m more intrigued by the contents. How can you lose with pipe cleaners, pom poms and googly eyes??? image


Ooooh! Maybe we’ll make some monsters Wednesday. Looks like I need play doh.


Sweeet! Do Cub Scouts have an “Organzier” badge? I seem to recall from ancient times that the Girl Scouts did…


What material / size boxes? No setting please :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You could have a tab that protrudes upward on the lid and a cavity on bottom of the one above it, so the Boxes would lock into each other. Just an idea that might make it look more organized.


Great project, I love these!

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Cubs don’t. Webelos might have something related, and who knows on Boy Scouts these days.

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Like a Boss. And you just inspired me to put off my home studio organization until AFTER GF comes :wink: thanks!


Tells me I have to buy more draftboard…or find cheap baltic birch.

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When all you have is a hammer(laser), everything is a nail(needs something laser cut). #MyLife (even with just access to a laser).

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My 1/8" Baltic Birch is pretty inexpensive, and really is 5’x5’ sheets of imported stuff.
There are occasional knots in the inner layer, so it isn’t grade A. In the last five 20"x12" sheets, I have encountered one knot that messed up a cut. I’ll take those odds at this price.

These boxes are 13"x4"x6" inside dimensions, so 1/4" bigger all around.


I could work with that if it comes to my door instead of me having to pick it up. (Small car.) I could probably manage 5X5, and I do have a cheap recip saw for cutting to manageable pieces.

Can I join? Looks fun!

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I love this so much for organizing!
It is so cool how you can engrave what the contents of the box are. And if you needed to change, you could pop the box apart, put it back in the GF and away you go. Brilliant!


And now you know why girls are going Boy Scouts :wink:


Such organization! Swoon!