A Selfless Gift to Me

As explained in Random acts of Kindness
which inspired by the gift to me from @matteo, I am compelled to spread a bit of that nice warm feeling around.

(From his personal message to me)
"Ahaaa! Really your birthday? That’s what I call destiny! We should give birth to a “generosity” movement, then! :wink: (emphasis mine)

Big happy birthday!!

An excellent idea Matteo!
In that spirit I reach out to one of the most helpful individuals here (aside from Jules - nobody can match that woman), who is selfless with his time, not only to me and the entire community here, but in his chosen path in life as a minister - @marmak3261.
We have seen the laser work he has done for the benefit of others. I know he will make sure it finds a good home. Inventables code comming at you my friend. The only reason I have this to give is because of the random kindness of another.

And because Matteo made me feel so good, I have an offering to add to his great idea of a “generosity movement”.
Matteo’s gesture is only the latest benefit I have enjoyed from my association with Glowforge.
Beginning with the ability to purchase the tool of my dreams thanks to the special pricing, and the good fortune to be selected for a pre-release unit, the company was extremely generous with proofgrade materials to fuel my exploration into a new wonderland.
Then, there is the community here populated with all of you who with your help were instrumental in easing my journey into the unknown. :purple_heart:

So… I took advantage of last year’s offering by Inventables to spend $100 before the end of the year, and get $100 gift certificate, valid until the end of 2018.
I got my money’s worth, so it is my wish to give that to someone here (or a worthy organization). I just need your help in deciding where to point it.

My first thoughts were to give it to the inspiration of all this, Matteo, thinking the extra $50 might make it worth something to him.
Then I thought @marmak3261 would put that to good use as well.
And of course there is Jules, who has given so much to us all.
If you, or someone you know is in dire need, or just completely deserving of laser fodder, please give me your ideas in the comments below.

…And Thank you all for the birthday wishes!

It’s all your fault Matteo! :sunglasses:


Happy birthday and congrats to you and @matteo for starting something special!


Gosh. This is totally amazing and inspiring. I’ll make sure lots of folks benefit from this.

Thanks @PrintToLaser!


Da nada mi amigo.
There^ is the magic in giving, where a little from one can mean so much to another. Look at Matteo’s position. The gift certificate meant little to him for obvious reasons, and he didn’t want it to go to waste - but it totally blew me away!
I know you will reciprocate in the direction of some deserving individual, so the act that he started is still rolling down hill! He feels good about it, I feel good about it, and you do too! Unbeknownst to them, somebody out there is next! Magical.


Excellent idea. All the above mentioned would be excellent choices.
Recently I was reminded that what seems like a small act can mean much more than we intended. I was having lunch the week of mothers day when I asked my server if she would bring me the check from an elderly lady’s table several booths down from mine. She grinned and said gladly. When she brought the check to me she said the lady wanted to know why I was so inclined. I stated that I couldn’t take my mom to lunch anymore but could damn sure take her. Keep in mind, from my end it was soup, a sandwich, and tea. However she was in tears as she explained that I didn’t know how much this meant. So I guess in a “It’s a Wonderful Life” kinda way, we never really know how we can touch someone else. So keep it up guys n gals… Clarence would be proud!


This all so amazing @PrintToLaser ! I am good friends with a high school teacher @JHCP_Makerspace in Chicago Public Schools who teaches a class called Engineering Projects In Community Service (EPICS). His students work with members of their community to design and build solutions for problems they have but may not be able to accomplish themselves or possibly afford to do so. He recently found out his external funding partner is not continuing and so something like this would be a great small boost for him this summer. He’s does a lot with very little and this could help him and his students help even more people! Just wanted to give a shout-out to him!


Thank you for the shout out @josephtpage!


I love that nickname ---- and I agree what you said to “PrintToLaser” — and a happy birthday to him!! What a nice gesture from @matteo


Well I feel a bit embarassed now :blush:
At least we could say that it’s destiny’s fault :wink: I was just part of the process. And I’m super glad it’s a positive one!
Let’s flow this good energy on! :muscle:


Awwww man…you’re making me have allergy attacks again @PrintToLaser and @matteo.
Dang it. :wink:
warm fuzzies, warm fuzzies, warm fuzzies


This whole thread is just wonderful!


My apologies if I made you uncomfortable, but it was your unsolicited act of kindness that prompted this. That’s nothing to be embarrassed about my friend. In this day and age, the world would be a much better place if more of us behaved like that. You set a fine example. :+1:


Fabulous, fabulous! I vote for whomever ends up needing it the most. I am happy right now, just knowing that this idea is still moving forward.


That sounds like exactly what I was looking for. :sunglasses:

Unfortunate that the current geo-political environment removed the intended value of the gift certificates to international customers. I am sure the company will be gratified that something positive arises from the spirit of their well intentioned gift to Matteo.

Other international customers, if you find yourself in a similar position as Matteo, the Inventables certificate may not help you, but you could consider helping someone else with it. In that way, it could be of value to you - and someone else!

@JHCP_Makerspace, I salute your efforts and am honored to direct that certificate number to your group.
I hope that you can share with the community here something that springs from your maker group!

Look for the code in an upcoming PM :+1:


Thank you @josephtpage for thinking of me and thank you @PrintToLaser for providing my students with more materials with which to continue their service learning! I really can’t say thank you enough times to convey what this means to my students and I. I will let them know how this happened and maybe inspire even more of them to pay it forward even more than just in my class. #payitforward #theworldneedsmoreofthis


You are more than welcome!
Much better use than me just stacking the materials up in a cabinet. :sunglasses: