A sign for my Senior

My daughter Zoe has been looking forward to graduating high school since her Freshman year. Now it’s a little over a month away and right now we don’t know if or when she’s going to get to walk down that aisle and get her diploma. So in honor of her accomplishment I made a sign to let her know how very proud I am of her.


Congratulations Zoe! Wishing her the best!


I made my senior this so she could hand them out to her friends. She didn’t appreciate it as much as your daughter, I fear.


Aww. Congrats to her. Tough on the seniors. I hope they’re able to get in a few highlights over the summer. Maybe delayed prom/graduation…

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Great idea! I’m sure she will appreciate your efforts!

could i get this design? I think thats a great one for my daughter! she graduates next week

Hi there! @sanya.kc6212
Just an FYI, it is not ok to ask for someone to share designs in this category. If they want to share the design you’ll find it in the Free Design Section. You can also create something yourself - especially easy now with the trial version and so many image and text options.
Enjoy your Glowforge!