A sign for our new camper

This has so many mistakes, please don’t judge the awful glue marks and everything else I did wrong because I had very little time to make this lol
But here’s the first version of our camper sign. This camper is my daughter’s Make-A-Wish and we are taking it out once before it gets too cold. Then over the winter I will make a better version. :reminder_ribbon:

(And for the comic fanatics, yes, I crossed over lines! Lol (gasp) I had to though because it fit perfectly. Haha)


Fun sign … hope you have a fun time!


Hello sweetness. I hope you have been well. Can parents make a wish? Private concert with Jimmy Wayne.


I love all the detail in the “Fortress of Solitude” letters. Nice job.

As a knitting friend of mind said, “if you can’t see it from the back of a galloping horse, it’s just not that bad.”


Hahahaha that’s hilarious



I forgot to mask it. Those letters are part of a font! I was so excited to see it and I already had purchased it in a bundle like last year lol that was serendipitous! Lol


Cool sign. One of the first things I did with the GF was to make a plaque for my 1967 vintage camper. Generally use it about 10 times every year, mostly to festivals. Hasn’t been moved since mid-March for obvious reasons.


Great sign. Hope your family make many wonderful memories with the camper.


I really like the the A team part. Your sign is something that your children will treasure.



If anyone wants to know the long story... lol

It started as a Step Up for Down Syndrome team name, Addie’s Avengers. Then she was diagnosed with leukemia so Addie the Avenger, and i made that logo with the gold ribbon for childhood cancer. And we all have names that start with A, so call ourselves the A Team. Lol so now I just merged it all together. Probably way more than you wanted to know! Hahahaha


That is a beautiful idea.


And I like the long version. It adds the sauce. :wink:



Bad news: The sign did not hold up well through the last year because I did not seal it properly with weather-proof product.

Good news: I have the product I need now to make a new sign and seal it properly. (I’m going to use Crystalac CrabCoat.) I’ll get to redesign the sign and make it even better than before. (And my designs tend to get better with experience.)

Bad news: The camper was damaged badly in a severe hail storm. It’s likely totaled.

Good news: We have good insurance coverage. (They’ve been very easy to work with but it will be a couple of weeks before we know the outcome.)

Am I the only one feeling that 2021 (with the exception of vaccine development) was not much better than 2020? hahaha :smiley:


Sorry about your camper. I hope you were not in it when the hail storm happened. I have been traumatized by hail storms pounding the living daylights out of my vehicle as well as taking shelter in tin roof sheds. Hail in general is a triggering event for me as our farm (livelihood) received substantial hail events 10 years in a row when I was growing up.


We were NOT in the camper, thank God! - That would have been awful being in a tin can basically!

I grew up in Southern Colorado where there are lots of hail storms so I can only imagine what you’ve been through. I can see how that would be traumatizing! I think the scariest time I experienced was when I was in WalMart (which had a metal roof) and a hailstorm unexpectedly hit. It was very loud. There was a family there that was not from the US and they were freaking out and didn’t understand what was happening. I had to try to explain to their little boy what was happening so he could translate it to them.

We’re in the Denver area and 2 weeks ago today there was a tornado that came through here. Where we live, in 15 years, we’ve never had an actual tornado warning at our home, but we did that day! We keep our camper out east at a friend’s property. My friend said that the tornado was basically forming overhead at their home. :scream: I’m so glad they are all ok. I think we are lucky it didn’t get hit by the tornado, to be honest. So even though I’m sad this happened, I’m thankful that things were not any worse.


Maybe the way an insurance company thinks but nothing is totaled in the real world. Picked up a 1967 Serro Scotty camper for a few hundred dollars. 75% of the wood was so rotted it would crumble in your hand. Not really sure how it stayed together on the interstate coming home. I replaced 3/4 of the walls and ceiling, 50% of the floor and 1/3 of the roof metal. Not a lot of amenities but it’s now a pretty cool music festival camper.


That’s so cool! I love it!
Yeah - I know, we could still use it if it’s totaled but this is my daughter’s Make-A-Wish and that’s why I’m especially sad. She’s been through so much and she deserves to have something nice, after our previous Make-A-Wish plans had to all be changed due to COVID. So if they offer us replacement value then we will likely take it. This is the “front” side… I am afraid to find out what the roof looks like. lol


Do you have a Scottie?

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the camper.


I grew up in NE Colorado. I rented a car a few years ago while in Colorado and it got hailed on. The DIA rental agent nailed me even though there had been no hail in the Denver area. The hail storm was quite brief, but enough for them to hassle me. Insurance is a good thing.


Camper is 54 years old with a new lease on life.