A simple Toothpick dispenser

A simple toothpick dispenser made on my Glowforge Pro using 1/8" material. Instructions in the svg file. IT actually WORKS!. Only took about 5 tries to get the measurements right for the inside.


Hmm does it impart any taste or smell to the picks?

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Hmm, I guess that’s up to the user. Both are wood. Or you can make it out of Acrylic


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Why be so negative. It’s just a design…

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Interesting, I was actively trying not to be negative.

I’ve considered things like salt cellars and whatnot and have always stopped short because I was never sure if you could “taste” the laser. You seemed to have made a thing that stores items that you put in your mouth, so I thought you might know if I was being overly paranoid.

But, since you brought it up, if I did have any negative feedback it would be that you’re using the forum as an etsy ad, but this was right on the bubble for me for two reasons:

  • it’s specifically about one project and not just “hey check out my etsy store!”
  • you included a picture front and center (required in MOAG category).

Anyway this sort of thing is subjective to an extent – There’s a general custom here where ads aren’t encouraged, but I didn’t say anything because I’ll admit that I’m a bit more hardcore than most about that. It seemed like a decent little project, you seemed like you might have some insight on food safety and laser cut stuff, and so here we are.


Sorry, for upsetting you. Didn’t mean too…


Thought links where ok here

I reread you post. and I can’t believe anyone can be so negative about doing something with a Glowforge on here. I’m all for people having option’s but Why be that way. Sorry for offending you on my post. I’ll try not to do it again…


Well, if you have the right do delete the post. Go and do it. I’m to old to deal with anyone who has a problem with my designs. So thank you for your input.


I was never offended, and I don’t have any problem at all with your design – I just had a question about it. I said I thought it was

and I still think so. I promise I wasn’t trying to be negative, and I’d love to see more of your designs in the future.

I can commiserate about getting the wrong internal dimensions… I had to recut a box for a deck of cards once because I got it all wrong. I’ve since started using a site that allows you to specify internal dimensions of your desired box:

Maybe you’ll get some use out of it too!


It is a minor point of convention here that not everyone gets. If you put your etsy link in your profile then anyone who cares can go to your profile and find it. This is normal to do by anyone who sees your stuff and wants to buy it. Some times new people will ask to get or buy one if they like the design (which is also a no-no) and they are refed to the profile so one profile link is good for all your stuff.

This allows you to really focus on the issues you ran into in designing the piece and photos of how you solved it, not make any reference to the fact you are selling the design. those who wish to purchase it will go there looking. That way the sale is made without being specifically pushed.

If you wander through other “Made on a Glowforge” posts you will see a lot of folks doing that. It makes for a much more pleasant read for everyone, just as you might find it better not to have blatant advertising pushed at you in every post. And those just interested in what others are doing with theirs are more likely to come by and see your stuff.