A Song Of Ice and Fire... and Beverages


Made this coaster set for my Father-In-Law for Father’s Day:

Cut and glued cork onto the bottoms:

My Father-In-Law’s cool and all… but… I really don’t want to give these away. :wink:

Each one took ~20 min @ 10/335/340. The wood is unknown, cheap craft store stuff @ $1/ea.


fortunately, easy enough to make your own set!

these are very cool; did you turn them a piece of wood, or buy the blanks? i’d probably get a really fine grit of sand paper and give the edges a once over just to smooth them out a bit more.


These look great! How deep is the engrave? Will cups/glasses risk tipping? I plan to make a few coasters using the Hellraiser lament configuration designs (puzzle box), but I wanna try making them an inlay instead of just an engrave.

GOD I can’t wait for my Glowforge!


Wow, those came out fantastic! Are you planning out all your gift giving for the rest of the year? :grin:

Maybe the best gift would be a gift certificate for some laser time!


outstanding! Tom.


Bought blanks at the craft store. I’m sure they weren’t meant to be coasters as they’re very thick. But I thought they were… regal, lending themselves to the theme.

Yes. Totally my failure. I’d completely planned on sanding them. But my wife got a little overzealous and polyurethaned them before I did that. And we just don’t have the time to re-coat them since we’re celebrating today instead of tomorrow. (Leaving in 15 minutes.)

Thanks! I measured the engrave at exactly .059" which is exactly 1.5 mm (which I found interesting).

I hope nobody ever finds out. :wink: As my Sister-In-Law put it, “These things are too damn pretty to be putting sweaty drinks on them.”

Thanks! I do imagine we’ll be giving quite a few personalized gifts now! I think the more we use this thing, the more we’ll use this thing![quote=“buschtrent, post:5, topic:8802, full:true”]
outstanding! Tom.

Oh, thanks! I wish you all knew how incredibly sharp the detail is on these things. The photo does NOT do them justice. Every time I look at them it blows my mind.


Those are gorgeous!!


Drop dead great :glowforge::sunglasses:. Will be using small 4 x 4 ceramic tiles, polyurethane, and cork when MacGlowforge arives. Will probably use old travel posters or map sections for the art. #myturnsoon


Oooo… That’ll be nice.


Something like this:

leave the masking on and then carefully peel and paint … at least try to replicate the original intent. Poly each tile and then the set will serve as both coasters and a 6 piece puzzle.


Way cool.


Funny we were both doing GOT posts tonight


Indeed. Loved yours BTW. I’ll have to give the 3D look a try sometime!