A start at proofgrade storage

It is a start, and expandable. Like everyone else with a :glowforge:, I have a selection of scraps with maybe “just enough” for some future project I haven’t figured out, yet.


As time goes on, you’ll be amazed at just how small of scraps come in useful. I keep anything larger than 4in^2 and is at least 1/2" in its small side. I keep a box just for small stuff. It gets rummaged through a lot.


Once I get a little more organized around here, I might reduce some of those sheets to a scrap box. I even have a box that might serve for a starter. Not there, yet, though. A shelf works for those for now.

As an aside, there is a sneak peek of one of my projects if you know where to look.

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Something involving dragons, I imagine. :wink:

There is one dragon element. It isn’t the project (spoilers), just happens to be an element of one design.

Looks like a great start. (And i need more space already.)

Well, got these from Amazon, and they are expandable a lot of different ways. (They are advertised as shoe racks, primarily, but about the right height shelving for a good selection of materials.

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