A study in portraits(or rasterbating for fun and profit)


Used a picture of one of my youth group students.

  1. Cropped it down down
  2. Ran it through and online poster and wall art generator.
  3. Open the generated pdf in illustrator and deleted unwanted artifacts.
  4. Generated an svg and sent it out for the cut

The further back you stand the more your brain will fill in the details.
I want to try it on a tile and if it works well I will do a series.

p.s. the site is free but if you use it a lot consider making a donation

The Rasterbator site is awesome but I want to use this technique for a larger project and I needed more consisten results. So I wrote my own halftone program that produces SVGs directly. If you know java here is the source, feel free to tinker:


Get the executable jar here!


Looks great! (I’ve used the Rasterbator. Nice little freeware.) :slightly_smiling_face:


Like your picture and thank you for the link!


You’ll go blind.

(Come on! That’s funny!)


I seriously am sitting here leaning back and forwards, trippy!


OMG I have to tell you I just now clicked that link this is the app I had downloaded on my computer when I was in middle school, I have been looking for this for so many years!! thanks!





I had a similar experience. A friend showed me the app in college.


Cool! It also works if you just cross your eyes a little.




Sample out put from my halftone program.


usage: java -jar halftone.jar [options] "path to image"
    --dpi=        Dots per inch. I recommend 10-15(default 10)
    --no-border   No border cut line will be added