A Thank You to the Glowforge Community


That’s why I’m in it for the long haul. The GF doesn’t do anything I need that I don’t already have or can’t get from another laser for similar prices. There are a couple of nice to haves but nothing that matches the value I get from the forum.

At least that was true until last week. Now I need a replaceable head that will apply computer controlled precision color to my pieces before (or after) they engrave. :slight_smile:


I’d like to echo everything that @kye so eloquently said. I lurk here every day and have learned a ton from this community. SO many bookmarks for when my Glowforge finally arrives! This community makes the waiting bearable.


The community is extraordinary. Gathered from individuals across many different disciplines with a spectrum of creative interests.

Most impressive to me is how when a question or problem regarding procedure/design/materials or resource is posted, members come out of the woodwork to attack the issue and a solution/design evolves.
Collectively, we are an Impressive resource.

Apparently no problem is no match for a group of scientists, engineers, educators, professionals or artists with a creative bend.
The forum’s strength is in it’s members. Welcome!


So glad to have you unlurked, even for a bit!

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