A toast...to Glowforge!

The more I fire up Godzilla, the more I love this thing!

I just got done making about 40 stir sticks for a vacation rental home we own in Palm Springs. The atom on the bottom turned out to be a time suck as far as punching out tiny remaining pieces of acrylic, then CAREFULLY removing the masking from the near paper-thin atom itself. But I love how these turned out!

40 on a sheet of proofgrade acrylic
37min cut time
60min bits & pieces removal + masking removal




They are awesome! Oh, and I love the font you used, too.

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That caliper has a mm setting!

As a child of the 70’s we were taught both measurement systems, but until I started doing design work I never really “got it”. I find myself using metrics all the time for CAD and design, but I still use imperial for everything else, including cabinetry.
Remember- The countries in red use imperial measurements
The countries in green use Metric


That’s amazing! What a sweet design too!

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I haven’t tried this, but I wonder if cutting a double line, where one was slightly inset from the other, might make it easier for those acrylic pieces to drop out so you don’t have to poke them?


The kicker here is that caliper is called the Glowgeek! (Amazon)


That’s an interesting thought. I will have to give that a try when I run the next batch!

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That sounds awful close to how the self-healing acrylic works for doing multi-layer acrylic jobs. So it could backfire and weld the part back on. But they did defocus a little on the second pass to do healing cuts as I recall.


Very cool! You might want to give a test cut to see if you can get by without any masking. I’ve found I can remove acrylic masking for a lot of cuts with no ill effect. Might save you quite a bit of time.

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Those are soooooooooooo creative!!! Awesome job!

Those are a great idea. And came out awesome!

intagram @hard.form.design

They look amazing!


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For a very odd reason Germany uses “imperial” for plumbing and tire sizes. That was very confusing as a kid. Not sure if still true, but sure didn’t make sense until I was exposed to inches :smile:

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These look great–talk about a nice, clean design that’s just pure fun.