A toy, not a laser machine

No API, have to be connected to web, a lot of problem with cloud connection, and it’s so slow to engrave…
It’s a scam, a 5000$ scam

In order:
Never promised one,
stated up front from the beginning,
matter of opinion and also your connection,
also, your opinion.

Not sure what evidence you believe your scam assertion is based on. None of what you’ve complained about has ever been stated as otherwise and people have had years to get full refunds.

Where’s the scam?

Ps- not sure what you think posting three seperate items is going to do other than slow down support from people who actually want help?


It’s a troll, an unwelcome troll.


Then sell it and move on. Pretty much everyone else here loves their glowforge. It’s not like you’re going to convince us otherwise


I’m very sorry that you’re having troubles. Since your replacement unit is on the way and we’re communicating by email, I’m closing this thread.

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